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The Best MCA Software In 2022 – MCA Suite Or LendSaaS?

LendSaaS is hand down the best MCA software on the market that can aptly take care of your MCA business. LendSaaS has been hailed as the most versatile and more consumer-friendly than contending MCA programs (such as MCA Suite). What Is … Read More

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What Is An ISO Partner In Merchant Cash Advance? 

The merchant cash advance market has grown dramatically in recent years. This is mostly due to merchant lenders providing loan services that traditional banks have discontinued. Not to mention the part that the ISO partner plays in merchant cash advance These … Read More

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Why Your MCA Business Needs MCA Software

As the owner of an MCA business, you are no doubt always looking for new approaches to manage your operations. MCA software is one of the best tools to help with this, and here at LendSaaS, we are excited to … Read More


What Is A Super-Broker In The MCA World?

Super-broker is a new term that has been thrown around a lot in the MCA industry recently.  But What Is A Super-Broker? Essentially, a super-broker is a broker with over 500 (sometimes thousands) of talented and quality ISO partners that … Read More

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How To Grow Your MCA Business Fast

How to grow your MCA business is a common question asked in the MCA and alternative finance world. Luckily, there is a short answer to how to grow your MCA business. And grow it fast. Automation Is Key To MCA … Read More

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The Best MCA Software On The Market Is LendSaaS

The best MCA software available for your MCA business is LendSaaS. Compared to other MCA software (such as MCA Suite), LendSaaS has been described as not only more flexible, but more user-friendly.  The Best MCA Software Is The Software That … Read More

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The Best MCA Platform Just Got Better

The best MCA platform available just got even better. Special Pricing On The Best MCA Platform That’s right! End of year special discount for any new clients switching over the LendSaaS. Switch to LendSaaS from your current MCA Platform and … Read More

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An MCA Servicing Platform Above The Rest

When it comes to choosing an MCA servicing platform, the amount of integrations for LendSaaS alone warrants a scheduled call with a rep to see what LendSaaS can do for you in terms of MCA Servicing. ACHWorks is one of … Read More

The Premier MCA CRM Platform Is LendSaaS

Your search for an MCA CRM ends here. LendSaaS is the premier MCA CRM platform for a reason. Our software is designed to automate everything from the underwriting process, application scanning, and automated collections.  What Sets LendSaaS Apart From Other … Read More

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What Is A Merchant Cash Advance?

What Is A Merchant Cash Advance? How Does It Work? A merchant cash advance is quick funding to a small business owner. Merchant cash advances are usually taken out by businesses during unique situations. Usually times when the business owner … Read More