Loan Servicing SaaS Is Needed To Keep Up With Borrower Demand

Loan servicing SaaS is becoming a necessity for smaller banks. Last month small business loan approval at small banks rose again. Approval percentages are now at 18.9%.  On the other hand big banks are stagnant at an approval rating of … Read More

Automated Loan Syndication

lending automation

Lending Automation Continues To Save Small Business

Lisa had lived in Austin her entire life and had just re-opened her family’s BBQ Restaurant in 2019. Although the restaurant had been closed for a few years, it still was largely remembered as a staple to the community. Lisa … Read More

SaaS Lending

SaaS Lending Poised To Be The Next ABL Battleground

It won’t be long now until SaaS lending enters the ABL business. SaaS lending (Software as a Service) separates itself from typical lending software in that it is set up online and can be accessed through the internet alone by … Read More