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We are proud to support growth witnessed by our customers after switching to LendSaaS


Total Funded on LendSaaS


Average daily ACH volume processed

Scale your lending business

We offer thorough, end-to-end Tech that support you run your lending business

Whitelabel Accounts

True whitelabel support for engaging with your valuable partners

Automated Collections

Daily collections through ACH Processors and Credit Card Processors

Automated Syndication

Transparent Wallets for Syndication Partners. Automatically payout syndicators

Underwriting Processes

Public Data/Credit Search, Merchant Interviews, and more!

Bank Statement Parsing

Automatically analyze and identify NSF, Cash Advances, Alt Lender Payments, and more

Documents & Contracts

eSign and Pre-filled Contracts Reduce Paperwork and Save Time

Application Scanner

No more manual data entry. Automatically parse and create an app by using the ISO's PDF Application

Offer Links

Allow ISOs to choose a customized offer and generate contracts on the fly

Partner Portal

Separate sign-in for your ISO & Syndication Partners on your dedicated Partner Portal

Detailed Reporting

Perform Quality Control, view Closing Stats and derive Insights on your Deals

Refinance Support

Renew deals effortlessly as needs arise

Submissions API

Integrate your sales/ISO systems to send deals into LendSaaS via API

Safe and secure

Secured by HTTPS and Google Auth


We understand your need to stay in control in any situation

The Future

We're constantly adding new features, so that you can be ready for the Future!


Automated Payments driven Real Time Insights into your Deal's Performance makes servicing easy. Auto-send periodic customer statements with zero effort.

Personal & Business Credit on File

Verify and store on file your Customer's Person & Business Credit. LendSaaS integrates seamlessly with Experian & Thomson Reuters CLEAR to get you the answers you need about your customers from some of the best Credit Bureaus.

Active and Pro Active Customer Support

You have an extra team working behind the scenes!

We fit All Sizes!

With simplified workflows for smaller companies, and extensive process for larger companies, LendSaaS is designed to support practically every size and style of business with no compromise on any detail. It's even customizable!

Simplified Workflows

Smaller sizes need simplified operations and Speed!

Your Ride is Ready

Need to set up processes and departments? Awesome!

Ready to Fly

Process Driven? Support Partners and Volumes of Business!